Discover Your Emotional Why - Group Coaching Call

Online February 5, 2019 5:00 PM Pacific - 6:00 PM Pacific

A recording will be sent to all registrants in case you're unable to make it to the live session.

Because Nicki Keohohou and Grace Keohohou Hao are asked to coach individuals around the Emotional/Material Why more than any other subject, they thought it would be valuable to provide a Group Coaching Call experience specifically supporting people to discover their why.

The “Emotional Why” provides direction, engages the heart and reveals purpose. The Why inspires people to take action and rapidly move towards the realization of their ultimate goals.

What can you expect?

  • During the call, Nicki and Grace will be coaching 3 – 4 individuals who are interested in discovering their Emotional Why… will one of them be you?
  • You will have an opportunity to observe how to effectively and efficiently coach around the Why.
  • The call will be recorded and made available only to registered participants. This will give you an opportunity to re-listen to the applied coaching strategies so that you may learn and implement them with your team members and prospects.


  • Pacific 5-6 PM
  • Eastern 8-9 PM
  • Sydney AEDT Noon - 1 PM February 6th

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