What I Enjoy About DiSC!

Posted on June 17th, 2013 by Grace Keohohou

What I really enjoy about the Coach Excellence program and the DiSC style of coaching is that it reinforces many of the tools I have been using throughout my years as a business owner and professional.

  • The DiSC style learning has been a tool I have used for years.
DiSC Coaching

Understanding the different behavior styles and utilizing this tool with people has been a huge asset around releasing judgment with clients because they do not think the way that I do.

Coach Excellence incorporates the DiSC Behavior Profile into most of the lessons taught. It is always a real benefit to see how the different behavior styles may react or produce goals in relation to their style.

By incorporating coaching language and styles into the lessons, it becomes a way to speak to each of the different behaviors style to produce the best outcome for results.

This is a powerful tool and I will continue to utilize it throughout my coaching career.  I am amazed with how many of my clients have never been taught or seen the benefits of understanding the behavior styles.

Allowing each of the students to practice speaking with the different behavior styles in scenarios is amazing to see the shifts.  Since coach school I have incorporated using the DiSC profile with my platinum clients.

  • Using language around creating paradigm shifts so that the client can release older belief systems and benefit from seeing new perspectives.

This is a tool I have been using for many years.  Teaching this tool has allowed me to step into discovering new paradigm shifts for myself.  This is rewarding as it has allowed me to be a better coach, spouse, parent and friend.  It creates a feeling of being on the right track for me.

  •  Coach Excellence reinforced my belief in needing to mentally prepare prior to my client calls to be a productive and professional business.

When I take the time out to prepare for each client I see the client enjoying their call.  They feel like they are being heard and I am looking out for their success towards their goals and not there just collecting a payment.

I think that one of the benefits I have really been able to solidify is that feedback is just information to share with another person.

As a coach we have the ability to support our clients with feedback without having our own agenda on the person.

I have learned to be able to share observations with my clients that could allow them to see what I am seeing and yet let them be free to choose their course of action.

What a way to really keep my clients whole and complete!

About the Author

Grace Keohohou, is the Co-Founder and President of DSWA – The Alliance. Grace’s greatest passion is supporting and encouraging people to achieve their dreams and life’s purpose. She enjoys living in Hawaii and sharing her time with family and friends.