What Coaching Means To Me

Posted on May 7th, 2018 by Guest Blogger

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By Trina Stewart

If you had asked me six years about what coaching means to me, I would have run off and come back five minutes later in my active wear, with sneakers and a water bottle in one hand and said ‘Right, what warm up regime do you want me to do and what sport are we playing?” Coaching was about someone who would instruct, encourage and teach me how to improve my fitness and skills individually or as part of team through practicing, improving and executing.

Having experienced my first Direct Selling event in 2011, I could not believe that you and a handful of friends could all come together in the comfort of your own home, and the children play while you sit, laugh, nibble on food and sip on a drink all while a “Consultant” demonstrated some practical products that benefited the whole family!

What Coaching Means To Me

Where did these passionate and confident demonstrators learn their skills? I became intrigued and soon learned that you just needed to ask - and that is what I did. I joined and discovered how passionate I had become about my new and exciting profession. Using my skills and experience from my previous career, within one year I was promoted to an Executive Sales Leader in the company but not without the guidance, belief and encouragement of my up-line and “coaching” from our Regional Sales Manager.

After three years as a Leader with the Company, I was asked to join the corporate team as a Regional Sales Manager and to start our company in a new country. How do I start? Where do I begin? All I needed to do was ask my Consultants questions, just like when I started. But I needed more. Professional development is important to me not only to be competent in my profession but also to excel.
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In 2016 I attended the DSWA Coach School Express and soon learned that everyone has a “why.” Your “why” is your purpose that inspires you personally and professionally. One year later, attending the DSWA Advanced Coach School allowed me to connect the “why” with one of the most important skills to cultivate for improving communication and deepening relationships – “Heart Centered Listening.” These two skills, along with many others that I have learned over the last two years, have allowed me to support my Consultants in achieving their goals through coaching and guidance. Today, we are the most successful country to launch in our industry, globally.

Who would of thought coaching could exist off the track or field.

Who Is Trina Stewart?

Trina Stewart is the Regional Sales Manager of Norwex New Zealand. Her strength is building relationships and communication. She finds nothing more rewarding than personal development and growth in others. Trina can be contacted at tstewart@norwex.co.nz

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