Completing the Advanced Coach School and earning the certification has been an incredible journey into self-discovery. I learned so many things about my personality and how to best work with others while being aware of my strengths and limitations. I began this course on February 27, 2020 just before Covid changed our world. Taking the DISC Profile for the 4th time over the past twenty years, I was amazed at how spot on my results were. Even though I had grown and evolved over the years my profile stayed so close to my original results. This was proof that I am authentically me, and it was time to embrace my strengths and challenges and learn how best to move forward, honoring them and working with them rather than against them. I am able to give myself much more grace in situations where my weakness is apparent, rather than beat myself up for not being versatile and comfortable. Learning about all the different success profiles, Dominant, Inspiring, Cautious and Supportive, has given me a broader and deeper understanding of human nature. I have become much more observant, patient and tolerant of those who are so different from me. The profile has pointed out the areas where I have the greatest opportunity for learning. These blind spots are now in the forefront of my mind and I can identify and respond more appropriately than ever before. In the past, it was so easy to judge others who were not like me. I did not always give them a chance to share their wisdom and help me expand and grow in my areas of weakness. Using the insights from the various profiles has given me a reference source and suggested response and actions for my communication with others. The suggested scripts and responses are a starting point. In the past, I would shout out a command without giving specific directions, leaving those I was commanding in the dark. Now I try to speak clearly and with detailed directions to enable the task to be completed quickly and correctly. Growing up in NY, I am naturally a fast talker. Not everyone can follow when I urgently make a request and expect immediate response. Those unrealistic expectations are now replaced with a calmer demeanor and a slower pace. I have always been the one to speak first, to blurt out my thoughts and to interrupt. I am learning to breathe and hold my tongue, pause, listen and then respond when necessary. This is very challenging for me, yet I am seeing positive results. Being a leader, working with my team is imperative. My free spirit, independence and lack of structure is not always perceived well. Taking the time to be organized and create structure and consistency will help me build trust within the team. I am learning to be a chameleon when communicating with others by adapting to their personality styles. Another challenge for me is acting on facts not feelings. Knowing how to separate my feelings from a situation so I can make the best decisions based on what is true and factual rather than on the emotion, in the moment, makes me a better leader. I am excited to continue growing, learning, being creative, and having fun as I continue on my life long journey becoming the best version of myself. By doing this, I can inspire, encourage and support those I have the privilege of coaching on their journey.

Thank you for all the time and attention you have given me during this time. I appreciate you and the DSWA.



Cindy Herr-Pino lives in Indianapolis, IN, married to her childhood sweetheart, Gary. She is the proud Mother of five grown children and a grandmother to six. She began her direct sales career as a kit-napper in 1990 and little did she know that she was embarking on a lifelong journey of learning and discovery in direct sales. Starting at the bottom, working her way through the ranks to her current position as a Ruby National Executive in the top tier of her current company. Cindy has been recognized as #1 in sponsoring and #1 in leadership development and #1 in organizational sales. Her career has taken her around the world to Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada and across the US. Her organization is responsible for over $750,000,000 in lifetime group volume over less than 6 years in business. Cindy feels honored to work alongside thousands of like-minded individuals whose dreams are being realized every day.