Direct Sales Team Coaching Works!

Posted on July 1st, 2019 by The DSWA

Team coaching works and it is not limited to athletics, personal training or corporate endeavors. Direct sales leaders who invest team coaching and in personally becoming better coaches get the big pay off!

Direct Sales Team Coaching

The coaching process focuses on desired goals and developing a strategy, competency and the commitment on the part of the client to create the results they want. Coaching is the “missing ingredient” in creating sustainable change.

Accountability and co-creation between the client and coach create the winning recipe to make lasting changes.

Coaching is recognized as one of the fastest growing professions over the next five years particularly as individuals, both personal and professional – are committed to maximizing their performance. The time is now to become prepared to be a part of this growing profession.

DSWA, Nicki Keohohou Coaching

Coaching generates a solid return on investment for clients and creates positive changes in client goal areas for both individuals and companies.
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At the DSWA, we have long known the value of coaching. Founder and President, Nicki Keohohou leads the DSWA Coach Excellence program and has been training and certifying professional coaches using the DSWA’s powerful curriculum for years.

In the coaching space we hold people as whole and complete. Our mindset is this, “Because people don’t come to us broken, we have no intent to fix them.” To this end, in our work as Coaches we offer the gift of reflection.

We serve our clients by providing them with opportunities for clarity and to see their truth. This serves as stable ground from which to launch forward into their future desired outcomes. I have learned to be “curious”.

The benefits of establishing a healthy culture of coaching within the Direct Selling Industry are clear. In conjunction with a mindset that embraces an abundance mentality and a desire for synergy, highly-competent coaching provides a platform that empowers people to see their worth and potential so clearly that they are mobilized toward the outcomes they seek.

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