5 Principles To Change Your Life

Posted on October 2nd, 2017 by Guest Blogger

By Pat Danforth

5 Principles To Change Your Life

My DSWA experience has been very valuable in my personal life, as well as my business life. There are a number of important concepts that DSWA draws to our conscious attention. Most of us, when faced with the characteristics listed below, would agree that we want to exemplify them. DSWA simply draws specific attention to them. These are five main principles that have impacted me the most:
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Several years ago I was at an event where I first heard the acronym, “W.A.I.T.”

“Why Am I Talking?”

It was absolutely an epiphany for me. I always felt that I was a good Coach; now I know that instead, I was a good teacher. Those are two very different approaches. I have learned that teaching is the passing on of facts/education; while coaching is allowing the person to come up with their own answers. Teaching is imparting a skill or outlook which may or may not be acceptable to the listener. Coaching is more valuable because when they do discover their own answers, they “own them” and are much more likely to act on that knowledge.

A concept that has made my communication and coaching more effective was learning the acronym, S.T.A.I.R. representing the principles to change:


I believe that these are all principles that we want to apply to our relationships, we just may never have consciously thought of them. Now, when I am speaking with someone over the phone I can check my communication quality by looking at these five words that I have printed and attached to my computer. It has almost become second-nature to me now, and I no longer need the list!

Recognition has always been one of my personal motivators and I am happy to learn the I.C.U. approach to recognizing and affirming other people. It makes perfect sense to me that acknowledging people for who they are is much more valuable and long-lasting than for what they did. Recognizing their activity or accomplishment is a fleeting “feel good moment”, where recognizing their strengths and character is more permanent.

Finding the Emotional Why was a powerful concept for me... not just for myself, but in working with others. People are often moved to action based on emotion. Supporting them in identifying their goals and “whys” is one of the biggest gifts we can give someone we are coaching. I’ve often seen someone with the greatest obstacles surpass those with very few obstacles. They have tapped into their “emotional why” and are drawing strength from that.

And finally, the realization that I don’t need to be the “perfect coach”; just be present to them and exemplify the qualities listed above.

Meet Pat Danfort

Thank you, DSWA, for the many paradigm shifts you have encouraged in my personal and professional life!

Pat Danforth’s experience is in training, coaching, building relationships, image-building, and recognizing achievements. While these attributes are vital for a successful career in sales, they are also vital for a successful career in education and industry. You can reach Pat at (512) 484-5741.

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