Coach School Testimonial By Patrice Dunckley

Posted on April 10th, 2013 by The DSWA

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Coach Excellence Testimonial By Patrice Dunckley

After I turned 40, the myriad roads traveled in my life began to converge. I married a childhood friend I had lost touch with 23 years before, responsibilities I once had were released and a career I had once trained for dominated after being dormant for many years. A few years later, that convergence took a new turn through the DSWA Coach Excellence Accreditation process.

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My first career was in corporate human resources, specifically employee inclusion and engagement. As part of professional development I attended CoachU, training as a professional- and personal-development coach (although my work wasn’t called coaching at the time). A few years later, my personal development focused on mindfulness training to manage stress and good health which led me to become a Reiki master. For about a decade these two roads ran parallel in my life serving to balance and fuel the everyday demands we all face.

My HR career took me to many corporate giants; a when they were still called new media companies; and eventually into a direct-selling pioneer. That road led me to learn a lot about human behavior, group dynamics, individual identity, leadership and motivation. Becoming a Reiki master taught me about being and how it is distinguished from doing.

My first coaching school taught me about presence, listening, curiosity and the importance of phrasing our thoughts and words.

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This year, the DSWA Coach Excellence School showed me how all those years of learning and growth could be summed up in one neat, and considerably shorter, package. Don’t get me wrong, the growth still takes time and comes with the application of the learning, but the fact that it is all packaged together into one process was a wonderful discovery for me.

I had joined the school to gain accreditation to work in the niche of direct selling, but gained more than I anticipated. From the beginning, Grace and Nicki were saying thing after thing that I had experienced on one road or another in my life, but had never experienced together. It was a clear message that I had made a decision that was spot on for my life. Road after road that I had previously seen as a private network became purposeful and public. Life always makes sense in hindsight.

The school embodies the spirit and purpose of the industry and profession it serves. Students are given basic skills, a safe and supportive venue to practice those skills and the freedom to bring their personal gifts to bear in a way that makes their excellence shine. I look forward to seeing who shows up for me to pass the light onto.

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