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Posted on September 18th, 2017 by Guest Blogger

DSWA Coaching Excellence School was just what my coaching needed.

It allowed me to relearn that listening to my clients and helping them in their business takes practice. Active listening isn’t a part of our day to day lives and many times we just want to be able to tell our client, customers, and downline what they need to do.

We can see it, why can’t they?

DSWA Coaching Excellence School helped me to get back to what it is all about… my clients.
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What My Coaching Needed

Taking the time out to listen – be quiet and listen – to what they are saying.  You’ll be surprised – I know I was – at what was being said.

When you jump in and try to help, you miss the biggest part of coaching. This is being able for the coachee to reach the conclusions on their own and to make sure they have an active plan of action in place after it is set up.

When you have a downline, client, or customer who needs help, stop and listen to what they are saying. This was amazing to me. I’m full of energy, right in there, let me help you, type of a person. That’s how I coached and I thought I was helping. Then I listened. The more I listened, the more I realized that what I thought an issue was, really wasn’t.
Some of my downline have challenges getting clients or talking about the product. When I sat back, opened both my ears, and listened to them, it had nothing to do with the product. It was their family or their full-time job. Wow, I was bowled over. I heard what they were saying. I was also able to help them learn for themselves what it was they needed to do. It was profound and earth-shattering. Not just for me, but for me as well.

Taking the DSWA Coaching Excellence School helped me to take my game up to the next level. I feel more able to connect with people, develop confidence for my clients to have in me, and making meaningful breakthroughs in their ability to lead in their companies. These people are wonderful and I believe that Nicki Keohohou and Grace Keohohou have developed a wonderful tool that all business leaders should attend.

It helped me to be a better coach, wife, and mother when I began to actively listen to what was being said and not wanting to be heard. To lead, you take a back seat so you can hear and that made all the difference.

Guest Blogger, Libby Mitchell

Libby Mitchell has been an entrepreneur in marketing, advertising, and business for the last thirty years.  Her latest venture has been in the realm of animal care of which she was a proud business owner of both a franchise, online store, and brick and mortar.  She has now turned her sites to helping others achieve success in their dreams as a creative business coach. You can reach her at 214-732-0065.

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