Coach Excellence Mentoring Program

Posted on December 31st, 2018 by Kimberley Borgens

One of the most powerful pieces of DSWA Coach Excellence program was the twelve weeks of mentor coaching.  This was very valuable to me and my business.

My coach was a breath of fresh air for me.

In the past, the coaches that I hired often spoke condescendingly to me as if they needed to get control over me.

Being a powerful woman, this was often a quick deal breaker to the client/coach relationship.

With the Coach Excellence staff, I felt no judgment and no unnecessary need to have power. Not only did they allow me to step into my goals and dreams, they played a wonderful role in mentoring me to make improvements in myself and my business.

They allowed me to choose how to use my coaching sessions (instead of having an agenda to get statistics for testimonials).

Coach Excellence Mentoring Program

The DSWA mentoring program that is included was awesome!
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Mentor-ship helped me in producing surveys, referral programs and challenges to be better each day.  This has allowed me to step up in my business and my standing as a coach has greatly benefited from this mentor-ship.  It was rewarding to feel like I was in charge of my life and business and could continue being me in the process.  A powerful presence from the staff members, which allowed them to continue to see me as whole, complete and just needing a bit of fine tuning.

Coach Excellence School Recommendation

Why would I recommend prospective coaches to attend Coach Excellence School?

It would be a miss for me to not refer people!  The high quality staff enjoy helping others step up and be professional coaches.  The willingness of the students to share their thoughts and challenges on the live webinars is a huge benefit.

If I were just listening to recorded calls, I would not have gained the best parts of the education process.  Being able to throw out my thoughts and get feedback from others on the call was very valuable.  I also was able to learn about other coaches, which lets me refer people to them because I have a sense of their coaching style.  Not every person who contacts me to coach them will be the right fit, so having a network of people that I can refer to because I was able to be on the live webinars is a wonderful asset.  Whether you are using coaching as a profession, building a team of people in your company or working with co-workers to improve the quality of your work environment this is the place to get the best results.

If you are looking to be a better leader in your direct sales or network marketing company, Coach Excellence is a phenomenal tool to discover the differences between coaching verses training and how to best utilize coaching in your business.  You can use the coaching skills taught for coaching your team for greater results.  These tools help your hostesses to create a quality above average shows.   You will find yourself having responsible recruits because they start taking on their business and are not expecting you to hold their hand all the way through.

Coach Excellence can empower you to ask the right questions to get the results you want in your life.  As much as Coach Excellence is geared to teach and mentor you in business you will notice results in your personal life as well.  You may find that the quality of your life improves in the process.  You discover ways to handle yourself in the most difficult situations much more responsibly.

You may feel like you have the tools necessary to be successful in all areas of your life and direct sales business.  This training is worth far more than the cost of attending the DSWA Coach Excellence program!