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Who was your favorite teacher?

One of mine was Mrs. Splann. She taught high school chemistry. Her husband was a dentist, her son was my age.  I had known him since 3rd grade.

One day when I was in 12th grade, Mrs. Splann something that shocked me.... she said she did not like to teach high school students.

I couldn't believe it!  She seemed to have fun and liked to be around us. We thought she enjoyed her job and liked teaching us. She even let us eat lunch in her room with her. She wasn't exactly the type to stick around if she hated her job.

Why was she teaching chemistry then?

She liked teaching students that wanted to learn. And by teaching in a subject like chemistry that was an elective, only truly interested and motivated students would be in her class. And she liked teaching them.

I always remembered that.  There is something special about people who proactively choose what they are going to do with the hand they’ve been dealt. Those are people I like to be around.

There is something special about people who decide not to be a victim and to be a victor. It is inspiring to hear stories of people who were dealt a bad hand and yet overcame their circumstances in the end. No one is given something they can’t handle in life. No one.

Each of us is the Captain of our Ship, the Author of our book, the CEO of our Company.

Doesn’t it sound empowering to tell someone they are in charge of their own life? It feels great to know you are in charge of your life when things are going well.

What about when things are not going well?

  • If I’m the Captain of my Ship and I am lost at sea, who is to blame?
  • If I’m the Author of my Book and the plot is going nowhere, who can I shame?
  • If I’m the CEO of my Company and the books are in the red, how can I justify that?

If you know you are the Captain of your ship and it is sailing off course, how can you course correct? Who could you find to be a First Mate or crew member to give you advice? How can you radio for help, use the resources available on your ship?

If you think you are the Author of your book and are not sure what the protagonist should do next, Who is your editor or maybe a mentor of yours? Where is a place you go to get inspiration? How could you consult with those people you will be mentioning in your acknowledgement page?

If you feel you are the CEO of a failing company, when is your next board meeting? How have other companies overcome similar circumstances? What would your mentor do?

Many Captains/Authors/CEOs with a victor’s mentality use Coaching. Those Captains/Authors/CEOs who have a victim mindset stay lost.

Coaching is a way to bridge the gap between where someone is in their life and where they want to be. Coaching meets the Captain/Author/CEO where they are. Coaching uses empowering questions that preserves their autonomy and respect. Coaching involves heart centered listening and being present. Deeper than a compliment, coaching acknowledges the qualities the Captain/Author/CEO possesses.

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When someone agrees to be coached they are electively choosing to be there. The coach, does not fix or change anything about that Captain/Author/CEO. Who they are and where they are is who and where they are supposed to be.  Whether they are thinking like a victim or a victor, the coach meets them where they are.

If the Captain/Author/CEO perceives a gap in where they are and where they want to be, coaching can bridge that gap. Coaching doesn't point out the gap. Coaching doesn't make the gap shorter or longer.

As a coach, I am a First Mate/Editor/Board Member.

I love working with Captain/Author/CEO who has chosen to be there. These are victors who are open to think about their own answers. They are open to new thoughts. The question may come from the First Mate/Editor/Board Member; the new thought comes from the Captain/Author/CEO.

We are autonomous beings with the ability to choose for ourselves.

Having opposition in our path and having someone pose questions leads us to our own answers.  I am grateful for the First Mates/Editors/Board Members in my life and for the opportunity to serve as such to others.

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Kristi Diaz MD is an anesthesiologist. More importantly, she is a wife and mother of three.  She gave up her practice in order to be home with her young children.  Recently she became involved in a direct sales company, quickly became a top leader and is now in the process of DSWA Coach School Certification. She can be reached at

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