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Posted on September 7th, 2011 by Jacqueline McGrath

dswa Coach excellence

Through coaching training I discovered that I am a better coach when I avoid making assumptions about what the client wants. Assumptions cost time, misunderstandings and money. I discovered that I do not need the answers; I just need the right questions. I need to be genuinely interested; I need to ask questions to build clarity and understanding.

I am more effective when I hold the client whole and I disconnect from the outcome. Letting go of the outcome is not easy for me. I am a high achiever and I have found that I also set high expectations for others. Letting go of the control of the coaching calls is certainly an ongoing challenge for me. Coming from this angle, I know that I would be a facilitator. As I work to empower others, and I would be letting myself grow as well.

Taking a look at some of my highlights from Coach Excellence, I think a great place to start with is Heart-Centered Listening. Had I been a great listener up to this point of my life? I thought so and learned that there is a lot of room for growth. I am now working on rephrasing and reflecting. I have found that I must focus on the other person and turn off all distractions. The useful coaching call prep sheets have helped me and my consultants secure a starting point for our calls. I am able to review these sheets before the calls to help me move to a mental starting point. I find that it also helps build better relationships with my unit members. They feel valued, respected and honored. This certainly would solidify my business and the relationships within them.

This was an area in which that I had little to no background. The examples that have been shared on our training webinars, as well as our Google coaching forum are fantastic. I am so amazed that with just a small tweak of a word, someone one can gain a totally new perspective. On the other hand, another word can hold limiting beliefs that can stagnate future success. Since learning this, I have discovered so much of myself and my limiting beliefs.

On our call focused on the Invisible Elephant, I have to say I was hanging on every word. So often in my female dominated direct sales business I have had personal issues crop up. On prior calls, when they did I either ran, ducked, hid or rescued. Not knowing what to say, I was lost. I am very much a compassionate person and the fear of getting involved scared me. How could I hold a coaching call dealing with certain issues without getting emotionally involved and coloring their water? I love the questions shared on this call and I now find myself asking questions that deal with the situation yet still have them moving forward if we see this as a possibility. Thank you so much for this tool. With a successful unit of over 5,000, you have no idea how valuable this is for me.

Some of the most valuable insights I learned were through being able to ask questions and interact with other coaches. Setting a specific time for coaching (instead of just slipping it in as the call came) has given huge value to my coaching. I am a high energy person and having coaching time scheduled has definitely allowed me to slow down my pace and not rush the coaching call. I am moving forward with great strides, learning more about their personality styles as well as their why. Already I have had consultants comment on how productive they feel with the coaching call we have. They are empowered, realizing that they are in control of the process.

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Jacqueline McGrath started in direct sales in 1997 and since that time has work consistently and persistently to reach the top level of leadership in her company. She maintains the largest organization in her company and attributes this to having passion in what she does, while providing support to others so they have choices in their own lives. Jacqueline has been featured in More Build It Big as well as Mentored by the Masters and can be reached