DSWA Coach Excellence – DiSC

Posted on December 15th, 2011 by Jan McDonough

jan mcdonoughI am empowered! WOW – that alone makes a strong statement.

My relationships have improved with my family, my team, my friends and my clients, since participating in the Coach Excellence course.  I have begun to see and understand a deeper connection with the newest team members right from the start.

I see these team members taking on their own sense of responsibility as I listen and ask questions; really taking the time to learn about them as a person, not just a team member.  My leaders are moving swiftly forward without depending on me to walk with them hand in hand.  I continue to support their development of independent leadership.  But now have the in-depth knowledge to coach them properly to allow them to continue to grow independently.

DSWA Coach Excellence – DiSC

One of my favorite subjects that I continue to enjoy learning more about is the DiSC personality profiling.  I found that segment of the DSWA coaching program particularly interesting.

Since I work with a variety people everyday, anything I can do to have a better understanding of the best ways to work with them, really makes a different in building that relationship.  When you are able to understand a person’s character, as well as how they may react when in a stressful situation, it opens all kinds of doors to have a better working relationship.  This has also helped in bonding with my children, other family members as well as others within the business environment.

Becoming a better leader within my organization is an additional result of the skills gained from the Coach Excellence program. It becomes empowering for all parties involved.  I believe that being a better leader can make or break your relationship with family and/or clients.  When I am walking the walk and not just talking the talk, when my client knows they have been heard and understood, it creates a bond of trust that supports the work you do together.  You will have that same type of experience with your family, friends and co-workers.

I loved going deeper into learning the DiSC personality profiling.  The DiSC program alone has provided an amazing backing as I continue to work with clients.  Once I embraced the core of the program, I then moved into the series of webinars. I became more solid as I was working with others from the class.  The sharing of support while developing skills is a key ingredient that this course provided.  While working with peers as they increase their skills, it becomes a profound impact on your own personal development.  The interaction on these webinars were fun, rewarding and provided me with continuous support knowing that I was never alone.

One of the most powerful clarifications was discovering the difference between ‘coaching’ and ‘training’.  Training is generally much faster and is often used as quick fix.  Coaching requires more time as we are asking questions to pull information from our client.  When I am coaching, the client is my main and total focus.  It is all about them.  When I train, I tend to use systems that my company has created or that I have used for years.   The training is impersonal while coaching has a level of thoughtfulness.  After identifying this clarification, I find it hard to believe how I have gotten this far in my business without realizing the powerful difference between training and coaching.  There is such huge opportunity before me now that I am equipped with when and how to properly use training and coaching.

About the Author

Jan McDonough has built a successful direct sales business and is one of the largest distributors for her company. She is a certified Dream Connection coach. Jan is a graduate of the DSWA Coach Excellence® School and is a WABC Certified Business Coach. She can be reached at etsjan@prodigy.net.