Direct Sales Success – Coach Excellence

Posted on November 7th, 2011 by Doreen Marino

doreen marino

My husband and I took several personal transformation courses (The Landmark Forum, The Advanced Course, The Integrity Course, and The Self Expression Leadership Program). Those took us seven months and it was truly an enlightening experience.

At the end of the last course, one-by-one, we were to get up in front of the group and say what was next for us.  I announced that I would become a Life Coach.

I had learned much about myself during that seven months, and I knew that my passion was to work with women as a coach.  I had never lost my love of working with women who wanted to make changes in their lives.

DSWA Coach Excellence

direct sales coaching After some investigating, I chose to attend the Coach Excellence program, which was starting up in one week. I flew to Texas for the opening weekend training, and participated for about 9 months in the training through webinars. I learned a great deal about being a coach and the skills needed to be successful.

Mark Semple was my personal coach as I went through the program.  Mark demonstrated to me always the top level skills of a coach.  I will always remember our talks, and how he walked me through many issues and challenges.  Mark is a master at setting up a trusting relationship, which was invaluable during that education.  He was always the safe space for me to explore how I felt about something or voice my opinions when needed.  He is a gentle soul and I am forever grateful for having him as my coach.

DSWA Coach Training Via Webinar

During the DSWA Coach Excellence course, we worked via webinars after the initial three-day launch. The webinars were extremely helpful. My life was very busy during that time (as we can all relate to), and being able to call and log-in from wherever I was at the time, was great.

I often joined in from a coffee shop between appointments, which gave me tremendous freedom.  I knew that after the initial three day live launch, the webinars would be a wonderful way for me to stay connected and supported along the path of becoming a life coach.

Coaching Skills

From those webinars, I learned many valuable skills, one of which was how to mentally prepare myself for coaching before a session — to review my own life for balance and commitment, and to understand my role as a coach.

I gained a foundation for my coaching business from the course and associates I met.  I acquired the knowledge and skill to create coaching agreements, in order to set up the ground rules for my work with clients.  I knew nothing about the business side of coaching, so that was very helpful.  I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.  I could learn from the instructors, coaches and other students who were already in business.  I now have Coaching Agreements, Coaching Session Preparation Sheets, Personal Self-Appraisal Forms, Client Logs, etc. so I feel professional as well as prepared.

Have you thought about preparing for your transformation?