Compelling Questions to Ignite Growth: Alia Head’s Journey Through Coaching Certification

Posted on January 3rd, 2022 by The DSWA

As a National Sales Director, I have spent decades investing in the resources to grow my leadership, communication, and coaching skills. Completing the curriculum for DSWA Coaching Certification has elevated each of these skills, producing greater results in my personal business and for those I lead and coach. The proficiency process specifically supported this elevated growth in ways I am eager to share.

As a very tactical person, I really gained more confidence in the course material with each proficiency module. Having the opportunity to take individual coaching skills through to proficiency and implement them with classmates, as well as receive feedback and observations from classmates and instructors, has equipped me to apply these skills and see results in my business. In addition, my coaching skills have expanded by observing classmates through the proficiency process.

One of the most empowering aspects I experienced in the exercise was the practice of turning good questions into great, solution-based, effective questions. We discussed how the quality of each question impacts the quality of each coaching appointment. A series of thoughtful, compelling questions, for example, can result in a breakthrough for a client, or can even end a cycle of frustration.

I also learned to formulate the most effective questions by asking myself the following question throughout the coaching appointment. “What is the most powerful question I can ask at this moment?” The proficiency segments of the class helped me cultivate a library of powerful questions to ignite a client in processing his/her answers and solutions.

Having this insight will equip me to not only coach small groups and individuals through their own business challenges, but it will also equip me to demonstrate these skills for leaders in my organization to observe and implement as well. The lessons learned through these interactions will have reach far beyond those with whom I work directly. As they learn to seek more meaningful questions, their deeper self-understanding will influence those in their circles.

Knowing that my choice to continually grow in coaching will create a cycle of positive impact for others is the most rewarding part of this experience. As a lifelong student, I sincerely appreciate the lessons and skills taught in this course.

My journey through this certification has equipped me to coach at the highest level and further expand the skills I have spent years building. I am excited to empower others by applying these in my coaching for many more years to come!

Written By:
Alia Head
National Sales Director


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