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Posted on September 29th, 2011 by Jacqueline McGrath

Jacqueline Mcgrath

Direct Sales Business Coach Excellence

Throughout my life, I have been called Barbara Walters because I am so curious of others. Questions always seemed easy and natural. Add to that my career in running my direct sales business for over 13 years and what I have accomplished to build a multimillion dollar organization. I was relatively confident that I had a good grip on what I was going to expect in the Coach Excellence program.

As I embarked on my journey of Coaching Excellence  in January 2010, I was not aware of the truly amazing impact the tools learned over the twelve week period would help me as a person, and a business mentor and leader.

Prior to participation in this program, I had some understanding of coaching. This insight came by way of the DSWA Elite Leadership Program as well as other coaching programs I had participated in or with skills I had adapted from coaches from my past.

DiSC Communication For Direct Sales

While reviewing DiSC Communication styles, I had my first of many BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious). Of all the training I had learned prior to Coach Excellence, this had been the one tool I had used to propel my business to greater heights. Understanding that Coaching Excellence incorporated DiSC excited me. I had never experience the connection of the two in previous coaching training with others. It had always seemed that the coaches were directing me in their style and their agenda, not mine. This is what I thought coaching was.

Having learned that coaching style, I realize I had learned to adapt it as well in my business and personal life. I guess you could say I used my questions to lead others to my direction, my agenda, and in my way. Could you call this manipulation? I would think so. With this new insight of applying both skills, I was hungry for the possibilities. dswa coaching

Oprah often says, “When we know better we do better!” Mind open, I was ready to say, bring it on. I began to trash my old coaching beliefs and opened my mind for the possibilities of a NEW way to coach.

You see, in my past, I was working really hard to create the question that would lead them in the direction I wanted them to go. I was trying to incorporate training at the same time as coaching. It was exhausting to say the least. I reality I was really a trainer with questions. On my office wall I have a quotation from Maya Angelou. “The wise woman thinks twice and speaks once.” Coming away from coach training in Dallas and seeing this quote had me thinking. Why was this so important to me?  Clearly with my new insight of coaching, I need to move myself away from trainer and move toward a more enlightened coach. I had so much to learn.

DSWA Coach Excellence Program

When we reviewed understanding how to formulate coaching questions, I started to get a good grip of where I could start with effective coaching questions. Now, I am not going to say that once I received the DSWA Coach Excellence coaching and training I was well on my way. What I did discover is how different the questions sounded in comparison to what I had been doing.  Again, releasing the outcome cropped up. I was becoming conscious that my belief system was built on fear. I was obviously afraid that if I let go of the outcome, I would also let go of the success in my business. This is a belief that I needed to have a paradigm switch on myself.

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Jacqueline McGrath started in direct sales in 1997 and since that time has work consistently and persistently to reach the top level of leadership in her company. She maintains the largest organization in her company and attributes this to having passion in what she does, while providing support to others so they have choices in their own lives. Jacqueline has been featured in More Build It Big as well as Mentored by the Masters and can be reached