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Posted on January 21st, 2019 by The DSWA

The most common thing we hear at Coach School Express is “I thought I was a good coach and I still think I am,  but now I know how to become an excellent coach. I didn’t realize how much more was possible.”

You can only imagine how excited we are to be able to open up a new future to such high level leaders.

People are noticing a difference in the way the new coaches’ act.  One of the core concepts that we teach is that being a coach is not an act—it’s a way of living in the world.  When the attendees return home, the people in their lives start to notice some changes that happen:

  • A coach multitasks less and gives individual attention more
  • A coach asks open ended questions
  • A coach listens more and interrupts less
  • A coach leaves the responsibility for change with the person they are coaching

Coach Excellence School Express Event BannerFamilies notice the difference. We are often astounded by the number of personal stories that the new coaches share about how their work on becoming a coach has allowed them to talk to their spouse, their parents, and even their teenagers in a warm and open manner.

They have learned to hold their family members as capable people and not something that needs “fixing.”

Coach School Express

Every student has their own story to tell; the thing that the faculty likes the most is that nobody knows what those individual stories are going to be until they happen.

We have 4 Coach School Express events scheduled this Spring...

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