Stretching, Risking and Growing through Coach Excellence

Posted on August 16th, 2011 by Jacqueline McGrath

Jacqueline Mcgrath I was learning so much and with each DSWA coaching class, webinar, coach mentoring call and coaching call. I was soaking up tips, techniques and questions to equip me to be a better coach.

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These are musings I had while experiencing the awesome training provided by the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.

When it came time to do a coaching proficiency I was in a place of fear yet again. My high achiever personality came into focus. I did not want to participate in a coaching proficiency if I was not 100% certain that would succeed. The longer I sat back and listened to others go through their proficiencies, the less confident I felt in stepping out of my comfort zone and into the coaching limelight. If it had not been for a trip that fell in the middle of the training, I may still be waiting. I made a decision to take a leap of faith and jump into a proficiency before I left. After all, having a break from coaching may have me forgetting all that I had learned. What did I have to lose? If I did not pass, I could have a couple of weeks to lick my wounds and carry on.

Trembling inside, I requested to take my first proficiency. Was I a master and had I come through with flying colours? Well, the correct answer is “no.” I did pass. However, more importantly, I learned so much more doing the actual process rather than listening. My coaching skills were critiqued; I had thoughtful support, insight and feedback from a most amazing group of individuals. direct sale coaching

I had the wonderful opportunity to reflect and give myself credit where it was due and give myself perspective on how I could improve. Just like coaching training, everyone held me whole. After doing my first proficiency, my only regret, if I should have one, would be that I wished I had jumped into the process earlier. These proficiency webinars were invaluable (to say the least). They really solidified the skills that I was learning.
It has now been a few months since I completed my proficiencies, attended all webinars and had countless coaching calls with my amazing unit members. What I have found is that those first few questions of doubt that I had on my first day in Dallas had come full circle and I now have the answers.
Was this the right step for me at this time? Yes it was. Coach Excellence had given me and well as my business consultants an arena of empowerment.
What have I gotten myself into? Most likely, I found one of the most effective programs to develop into a as a successful business coach.

About the Author

Jacqueline McGrath started in direct sales in 1997 and since that time has work consistently and persistently to reach the top level of leadership in her company. She maintains the largest organization in her company and attributes this to having passion in what she does, while providing support to others so they have choices in their own lives. Jacqueline has been featured in More Build It Big as well as Mentored by the Masters and can be reached