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Posted on March 22nd, 2012 by Laurie Staiert

DiSC Communication

Learning the DiSC communication styles and how they could benefit my business with the field leaders was a major asset I got through the DSWA Coach Excellence program.

I was familiar with the communication styles prior to coach school. This program, however, went beyond just learning the characteristics of each style.  We learned the art of adapting our style to their style during interactions with others and how each style reacts to stress, their fears, and their strengths.  Speaking with them in their style allows me to avoid dismissing them because of our differences and allows them the confidence to speak their truth.

Communication Is Not Always Easy

Did this come easy?  Absolutely not!

New skills take time to build.  My brain actually hurt when I first practiced coaching and not training.  Am I perfect at this new way of thinking and acting?  Absolutely not!  My awareness of word choices, tone and pace during conversations and how they are perceived by others has allowed me to grow in my leadership.  When you let go of the outcome, you are able be objective and honor someone’s greatness.

Others have noticed the difference in my language and communication styles.  Do I still get stressed?  Absolutely!  I’m now just more equipped to handle it in a positive, productive manner–not allowing it to become permanent.  Now, when I receive a call from a leader asking how to handle a situation with another leader, we can talk about each individual’s style and how to honor each person by playing to their strengths to come to a resolution; we are growing both people and avoiding negative feelings.

When I’ve shared these concepts with my field leaders, I’ve been delighted to watch them discover the beauty of holding someone whole and complete, speaking with others in their communication style, respecting others for their diversity, and the joy of reaching new levels as a team.  Conflict between team members can be resolved in a much more constructive and growth oriented manner, building confidence in each team member.

Everyone has strengths.  Playing to those strengths, the results are more easily obtained and more numerous.  If we all had teams that were exactly like ourselves, how boring would that be?

A team of all Dominators would be jockeying for control, the Influencers would just want to play, the Steadies wouldn’t make a decision because of a fear of hurting someone’s feelings and the Conscientious ones would procrastinate until they reached perfection! direct sales coaching

When you have a team of complementary styles, you have a balanced team that can function in harmony with each other.

DSWA Coach Excellence Program

You come to appreciate the strengths of others when they play in areas that are work for you. The DSWA Coach Excellence program really changed my life!