Benefits of Coaching

Posted on October 23rd, 2017 by Guest Blogger

Benefits of Coaching
By Genna Lee Forrest

Earlier this year I attended coach school for the second time and opted to do the advanced course to expand my knowledge and gain a certificate in the process.
I had a lot of challenges on the way, some financial, some logistical but I was determined that I would attend as I just knew there was something special in it for me in being there.
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That said, I never imagined I would get so much out of attending!

Before this school I knew that coaching was a valuable tool and that it had the power to transform situations and relationships, expand opportunities and help us to achieve the things we want. What I didn’t know was that I absolutely LOVE coaching and I get so much pleasure from being able to help those around me with my newly refined skills.

Benefits of Coaching

Being able to use coaching with my team benefits both them and me; they become more efficient at overcoming obstacles and knowing what it is that they really want to achieve, and I enjoy the benefits of having a more successful team who are connected to their emotional why! Consultants who are connected to their emotional why are better able to inspire other people into the business and so our team continues to grow.

Whilst I know that my team benefit from being coached, I hadn’t really considered the effect upon my family and friends. Once you learn how to coach effectively, it is hard to turn off! So although my family and friends often don’t realise they are being coached, they benefit all the same.

In particular I love being able to help my team (and my loved ones) to connect with their emotional why and find greater purpose in their lives.

Being connected with your emotional why means that we have the best roadmap for getting what we want in life, for living our best lives and always (or at least mostly!) choosing the things that light us up! If you are connected to your emotional why decision making becomes very easy – does this choice align with my purpose in life? Will it lead me closer to the thing that I value? Being able to help other people discover this for themselves is the most valuable thing I have learned since becoming a leader.

Another thing that coach school has taught me is that anyone who is committed to becoming a great coach, can be. Really, anyone! Coaching is a muscle and the more you use it the stronger it becomes – if you are willing to listen and willing to practice, you can be a great coach. I don’t know that I am a great coach yet but I am so willing to practice and I know that every day I get a little better at it.

I plan to attend coach school again in the future and I can’t wait to discover the next layer of what I can achieve through coaching.

Who Is Genna Lee Forrest?

Genna is a mother to 3 beautiful children, a wife, coach, friend, Thermomix team leader, nutrition freak and lover of all things health related…not necessarily in that order. She has spent the last 3 and a half years with Thermomix in Australia and loves the health message that Thermomix promotes, along with the ability it gives me to connect with new people and offer them new opportunities. You can reach her at

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