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Posted on January 8th, 2018 by The DSWA

dswa coach excellence

As a graduate of the DSWA Coach Excellence you earn the right to put the initials CBC after your name as a WABC Certified Business Coach!

The DSWA Coach Excellence program is a comprehensive three day workshop that perfects your skills as a coach.

The three day initial class starts with meeting the trainers and other course participants face to face.  You get to know everyone and develop genuine relationships with the course trainers as well as fellow students.  It also provides an opportunity to learn by doing.
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One of the first tenets learned at the 3-day session is the distinction between training and coaching. 

This important distinction is a golden rule for all coaches involved in direct sales. 

The explanation of the “Law of the Inverse” will impress on you the real value of the difference.  As you work through the Law of the Inverse, the group will look at how coaching differs from other activities.  By the time we finish, “coaching” will be a more focused activity. 

The “Law of the Inverse” teaches you that coaching is not counseling.  It’s not mentoring.  It’s not therapy.  It’s simply helping a client shift their paradigm by asking questions and helping them to discover the answers within. The role playing activities at this event using these distinctions ARE Extremely valuable in working with future coaching clients.

Define Coaching

Part of THE homework from this 3-day event is to create your own definition of coaching.  Years down the road you will review your notes and find that you are in agreement with those endeavors to help women build their self esteem and confidence through your coaching practice. 

Coaching is finding the greatness in others and helping them move from where they are to where they want to go.

Why Take Coach Excellence Program?

The DSWA Coach Excellence course will assist you in realizing your dream while you are living your dream helping entrepreneurs build their confidence in running a successful direct sales business. 

As a top leader in the field, and a corporate consultant in field management, your future focus will involve coaching and training women to capture their talents and gifts to help raise their self esteem and confidence. 

The DSWA Coach Excellence program will validat your belief in building systems and strategies in helping these women and you will experience a renewed self confidence in coaching others through a greater level of understanding of the programs and training afforded me by this program.

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