Being Committed vs. Being Attached

Posted on November 26th, 2018 by The DSWA

Are you achieving your goals?

If not, then it could be because you are attached to them rather than being committed to them.

Being committed means being dedicated, loyal, devoted, steadfast and faithful.  Being attached means being emotionally involved.
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When you are committed to your goal, you are devoted and faithful to the end result.

When you are attached, you are emotionally involved with the outcome, and any deviation from that causes you to be upset.Setting goals can be tricky.

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When we create a goal with an outcome that we think we will have, it’s important that, along the way, we stay open to any potential shift in the course.

Goals evolve.  If you know, in your heart, that you are doing what you said you would do in order to attain the goal (keeping your word to self) then you need to let it evolve.  That is being committed to my goal, not attached to the outcome.  After all, does it matter how we reach our goal as long as we get there?  Being committed to the goal is being committed to what you will have when you reach the goal and how you get there isn’t really important.

Don't be attached to a particular process — Don't feel upset or angry that it isn’t happening the way you think it should.  You may be upset with someone else who isn’t doing what you want them to do, or you may be irritated that the process is not looking the way you want it to look.  Have you ever felt that way?

Let's say a coaching client who, after 20 years working at the same company, has been laid off.  She just turned 50 years old, and is a single parent with a son who is just going into his college years.  You have been working together for a few months, and she has not made much progress in obtaining her goal. Her goal is to make enough money to support herself and her son.

One day, you said to her, “Do you really want to get a full-time job?” since no results were being produced.  you asked her that question because you heard her say how much fun she’s been having over the past couple of months, feeling such freedom and flexibility in her life doing lots of different things, including working in a part-time position and selling in her direct sales.  You ask her if there was any way for her to support herself and her son, AND have freedom and flexibility in her life.

Well, talk about igniting the spark!

This woman lights up and is excited at the possibilities.  She had never given herself permission to even explore another option.  Having a full-time job in one company was her only option – until now.

If she was attached to the outcome of getting a full-time job, she would not have been able to shift to look at other possibilities.  What she really wanted was cash flow.  And, now she knows there are lots of ways to do that.

So, next time you get ready to set a goal, look at what you are committed to having?

  • Are you willing to be open to whatever comes your way?
  • What do you think?
  • Are you too attached?
  • Committed?
  • How do you help the people you coach?

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