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Posted on September 15th, 2018 by The DSWA

Henry Ford said,

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t...
– you are right.”

As the world becomes more connected than ever through social media and the internet, people are challenged every day to make the right choices and handle difficult situations in their businesses.

Self doubt and low self esteem are critical issues for entrepreneurs in today’s busy world.  Using the services of a coach is a positive approach to helping them build meaningful relationships and focus on handling these issues.
coaching questionsWhile other auto makers wanted to design luxury cars, Henry Ford designed a car that anyone could afford. Here he is standing by that very car. From the collections of The Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company.

At the DSWA we are known for implementing a “business approach” to planning and implementing a road map for people to follow to their desired level of achievement.  We take people through a strategic program of coaching which effectively helps them discover their strengths to grow themselves and believe in themselves and their business.

DSWA Coach Excellence = Coaching Questions

Through the DSWA Coach Excellence program, you learn many valuable tools to improve your business. One of these tools included a thorough study of asking powerful coaching questions.

After completion you will find that you can implement what you learned during every coaching call! You will experience greater success in communicating and be able to work with clients in such a way to move them to a more confident level in building ther business.  This new found ability to help your team or clients reach new levels will provide both client and coach a rewarding experience!

With a great plan and a winning strategy, both parties will experience a new level of confidence and belief that affects your ability to take action.  Your responsibility as a coach is to help women discover these abilities and the modules and webinars provided by the teachers at DSWA Coach Excellence enable you to improve these skills in becoming a more qualified, authentic coach.

The “Expert Question” technique will allow you to discover a person’s needs.  The training on this topic at the DSWA Coach Excellence School on asking powerful questions from a coaching perspective was a huge benefit to you in adding value to others.  Goal setting, commitment, accountability, feedback and building conversations is just a smattering of the topics covered!

Powerful questions are the ones that are simple, direct and open ended.  They provide a platform to help discover and articulate our best beliefs.
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