DSWA Coach School A Transformational Experience

Posted on April 29th, 2013 by The DSWA

Melanie Lewis Shares How The DSWA Coach School Was Transformational

My experience with DSWA Coach Excellence School has been transformational.

I have been a counselor for close to 20 years and a top leader in direct sales for 10 years. I am a natural “good listener” and I believed I was coaching my team and my leaders all those years. The biggest lesson I learned was that I was training, I was mentoring, and I was guiding.

These are all very important relationships to have in a direct sales business. They are not coaching. The coaching relationship is different, it’s deeper, it’s a journey of honoring the client and helping him/her bring out the brilliance that is already within them. Tapping into themselves to really SHOW UP and take the steps to get them to where they want to go.

The four days of coach school were incredible and necessary to get raw and real with myself and to build rapport and relationships with the other students and with the instructors, so that our true and powerful growth could happen. I was blown away at coach school when I found myself stumped on how to ask basic coaching questions. This shook me a bit because of my counseling experience. I thought that coaching would be the same.

I had to learn how to shift myself, how to trust and explore. Letting go of the outcome was a huge realization for me and that is when the creativity and the empowering language seems to blossom. Nicki and Grace along with their staff were so supportive and caring. I felt smart and cared for even when I wasn’t sure what I was doing.

coaching The live tele-classes were KEY as well.

When participating LIVE, we had the opportunity to practice, to succeed, to fall, to learn from each other and to build new friendships around the world with other students and teachers. We had to focus and listen and engage, not multitask while listening to a recording or watching a webinar.

This built confidence within me and also gave validity and value to the overall program.

This school is transformative beyond me personally, it’s transformative for our direct selling world.

5 Principles Of DSWA Coaching

The 5 Principles of DSWA Coaching – Service, Trust, Authenticity, Integrity, and Respect – have always been a part of me.

However, now I know how to bring these principles to light and to action. With each thought and interaction, I am raising these principles to my awareness and asking myself how I can act within each. Tremendous shifts are happening because of this. Opportunities and doors are opening, my relationships are strengthening, my confidence is rising. As I open my own coaching practice, I am energized to work with people and they are in turn excited to work with me.

JOY is a KEY reason I went into this profession and JOY will continue to guide me. I am so filled with gratitude and abundance is flowing. I learned recently that we couldn’t be truly grateful and fearful at the same time. When we are grateful, we cannot possibly be coming from fear at all.

I see the principles as pillars standing on a huge mountain of GRATITUDE exuding JOY and enlightenment for each person who chooses to embrace themselves and their business in this spirit.

2013 Coach Excellence Schedule

Join us at one of the DSWA Coach School programs this year and grow your business. We have upcoming events in October and November of 2013.

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