A Coach Lets Go Of Control

Posted on March 20th, 2017 by The DSWA

A good coach lets go of control...

Coaching, in any capacity, requires a great deal of understanding and discipline. Coaching is letting go of control and empowering your student. Watching a protege grow into a successful business professional is very gratifying. Sometimes it is difficult for coaches to let go of their control and send their students out into the world, but it is also a very critical part of the growth process.

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A little bit of control is necessary to guide your students to their destinations and make sure that they avoid as many mistakes as possible along the way but respect and empowerment flows in both directions.

When Is It Time For A Coach To Let Go?

A good coach will watch a student in action and can tell when it is time to pull back.  When the student has a mastery of their lessons and method it is time to let go. There will always be questions from time to time, but part of going from being coached to self-coaching is learning how to answer those questions on your own. The teacher will know when it is time to step back and watch the student blossom into a success.

Coaching serves the human soul. It is truly one of the most profound gifts we can offer another...the opportunity to draw upon a person's inner wisdom and reveal their unique greatness.
— Nicki Keohohou & Grace Keohohou Hao

Does The Contact End?

There is often an empty feeling that a student feels when the teacher lets go of control. That feeling is natural in many ways, but it can also be scary. That is why a good teacher is always just a phone call, email, or personal visit away. A good teacher will always be part of everything the student does and a student, even after they have become a teacher, will always have questions. That is why the contact between teacher and student will never end.

The relationship between a coach and a student is critical to the development of both parties. The student learns their craft from the coach, and the coach learns better ways to reach future students from interacting with current proteges. It is an ongoing process but, at some point, the coach needs to let go of control and allow the student to make their own way in the world.

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