Should You Become A Certified Coach?

Posted on March 27th, 2017 by The DSWA

Becoming a certified coach could be a great investment in your future.

Should you become a certified coach?

It is not for everyone and yet there are several good reasons why that kind of investment could enhance your career.

Become A Certified Coach & Gain Credibility

Becoming a certified coach will assist you in mentoring your team and it will also impact your business in a multitude of other ways.

A sales professional with years of experience may at times not be willing to take advice from someone who appears to have not authoritative standing in the business world.
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Becoming certified helps to lower their shield and allow you to outline your ideas. When you are certified, it also lends credibility to what you are saying and the methods you are teaching.

Stay Up To Date On The Latest Information

A certified professional belongs to an organization that prides itself on uniformity and the highest standards in the industry. Your certification is your key to all of the information you will need to remain up to date on what is going on in the direct sales industry and what new methods are being explored.

Your certification organization such as the DSWA will supply you with the materials you will need to stay current. When you take your certification seriously and utilize the resources that you are given it will be another feather in your cap.

Gain Access To New Clients

Certified coaches receive a steady stream of new clients coming their way. People who are looking for a certified coach.
When you are one of those certified representatives, then you will benefit by getting referrals from your clients or team and those referrals will become your next coaching client.

Keep in mind that many of these new clients may even find you through your certification organization such as the DSWA. Often they have spent time reading up on what kinds of services the organization offers then seek out a coach just like you.

That means that it is up to you to study your materials and know what the organization has to offer in great detail.

Valuable Resources

Even certified experts need coaching from time to time, which is why being certified is so important.

As a sales professional, customers look to you for the answers. That means that you should have a resource you can rely on to get you those answers when you do not have them. A certified professional has access to tools and information that others do not have.

Becoming a certified coach is an extremely important step in your career and help you become more recognizable as an expert in your field.

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