Fall 2015 Direct Selling Trends

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Speaker: Nicki Keohohou


In this Audio Training, you will learn how to incorporate the latest Direct Selling trends into the growth of your business:

  • Defining Direct Selling and how the DSWA supports Direct Sellers
  • How to respond to “pyramid” questions
  • Consumers becoming more savvy about products, companies and leaders
  • Why we see more professionals, couples, young people and seniors joining
  • Companies and leaders leveraging technology for growth: team communication, training, social media, virtual parties, etc.
  • International expansion and cultural preparation
  • Empowering vocabulary taking hold among companies and leaders

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About Nicki Keohohou:

DSWA CEO, Co-founder and Accredited Business Coach

Nicki is a highly successful trainer and has spoken at conventions for companies around the world such as Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, USANA, Ignite, Thermomix, Juice Plus, Intimo, Norwex, Tupperware and hundreds more. She is the co-founder of the DSWA and contributed to the development of the DSWA Coach Excellence School®, coaching audio programs, eBooks, two #1 best-selling books and the DSWA Principle-Centered Coaching® programs.

She has coached hundreds of independent business owners as well as corporate executives. Nicki was named as one of the top 30 female entrepreneurs in America. She has been a successful field leader, Direct Selling corporate executive and consultant to the industry.

Nicki is a member of the DSWA Coach Excellence School faculty, a DSWA Accredited Coach and a Certified Business Coach (CBC) accredited by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.