Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionsThis page is dedicated to providing you with immediate answers to your questions.  Still can’t find what you are looking for? Please send your questions to customer service and we'll respond within 2 business days.


How can I access your Newsletter?

As a Member, you will automatically receive the Newsletter.  Otherwise, sign up here.

How can I join the DSWA?

Visit our Membership page to choose the Membership that fits you best, complete the simple registration form and receive instant access to your new Member benefits!

I forgot my password. How may I retrieve it?

Use our handy Forgot Password Form. You will receive an email immediately.

Do you share Member's records?

The DSWA does not, nor will it EVER in the future, sell, share or divulge its membership roster with any individual or entity for any reason whatsoever.

What are some of the ways I can become more involved in the DSWA?

We offer many ways for direct sellers to connect, network and grow their business.

  • Interactive Teleclasses each week
  • If you would like to arrange for a DSWA Certified Trainer to be a speaker on a conference call or at your upcoming event, contact
  • Regional and National Events provide direct sellers with an opportunity to join together around their shared passion for direct selling.

Notice: The DSWA enforces a strict no-cross recruitment policy at all times.

What are the benefits of being a DSWA Member?

To discover the numerous benefits you'll enjoy as a member, we invite you to visit the Member Benefits Page that details all that you'll enjoy as a member.

We receive messages daily from members who are enjoying greater results with their business as a result of what they learn through the DSWA. The most raved about member benefits are the Teleclasses, Articles and Vendor discounts.

Why was the DSWA established?

DSWA - The Alliance was established for the purpose of supporting direct sellers around the world who are achieving their dreams through party plan, network marketing or person to person sales. Our mission is to supplement and enhance the support that distributors already receive from their companies so they advance faster and achieve higher levels of success.

Does DSWA have live training events?

DSWA offers live training events throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

If you would like to arrange for a DSWA Certified Trainer to speak at your upcoming event, contact

How do I participate in a Teleclass?

Upcoming Teleclass info is included in our DSWA Newsletter, or you may visit the Teleclass page.

If you're a DSWA Member, you will also have access to the Archived Teleclass recordings.

Can I invite my downline to a Teleclass?

Thank you for your desire to share these valuable Teleclasses with your team. You are clearly a leader who wants to support your distributors as they grow their business. Yes, we ask that you encourage your team to take place in the live teleclasses so they, too, can access all of the wisdom offered.

Do I need special equipment for the Teleclass Archives?

We highly suggest using a modern, updated browser such as Chrome or Firefox to listen to archived Teleclasses right on the website. You may also download the Teleclass recording as an MP3 file, which you may then send to your favorite portable device.

How may I support the growth of DSWA and spread the word?

Here are just a few ways you can help make the DSWA strong!


Why have you chosen to operate as a for-profit entity?

DSWA - The Alliance operates as a for-profit entity for the following reasons:

Operating as a for-profit entity enables us to engage top industry talent who can be fairly compensated for their valuable contribution of time and information, thereby enhancing the level of service we can offer members. As a for-profit entity we have the capital needed to deliver state-of-the-art services that may not otherwise be in the budget.

In addition, many new and existing associations are moving toward a for-profit structure so that the long-term vision can remain its primary objective. With the founders at the helm, the Alliance avoids the common problems its non-profit counterparts are facing as a result of an ever-changing Board of Directors which can also change the culture and direction of the organization.

Finally, the Alliance founders are wholeheartedly committed to the vision of DSWA, and have demonstrated their dedication by personally investing in the Alliance and giving their full-time effort for many years.