Find Direct Sales Leads At The PTA

Posted on January 29th, 2011 by Deb Bixler

PTA Business Leads and Recruiting Tips

In today's economy, everyone is looking for opportunities to make more money without a whole lot of effort. As a direct sales consultant, you'll encounter numerous chances to share your business opportunity with other like-minded individuals throughout the course of your day-to-day activities and obligations. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to find leads in your daily activities. One such example is when you're attending Parent Teacher Association meetings or events.

While the chances are high that some of the regular PTA members are already involved in the world of the direct sales business and direct sales party planning, the chances are equally high that one or more members are on the lookout for the perfect opportunity to increase their disposable income without having to return to the traditional workforce. This is your opportunity to shine.

Direct Sales Tips

Here are a few practical, easy-to-implement tips that you can share your direct sales business opportunity with your PTA partners.

1. Don't overdo it! While it can be tempting to swing into a hard sell, resist the urge. In most instances, a hard sell is a major turn-off for potential recruits. Instead, be honest, accurate and low-key. Whenever possible, if you make a claim, have some paperwork or other proof that can back up your claims so that they know you aren't just pulling facts, figures and statistics out of the air.

2. Look for common ground. While you're attempting to network and find recruits for your professional success, don't make the mistake of keeping it all business. The more you can connect with a potential recruit on the personal level, the more likely you'll be to build a lasting, high-impact rapport that can transform a prospect into another direct sales consultant that will strengthen your business' bottom line.

3. Start with an invitation. If you're looking to add new recruits to your direct sales business, don't start with selling the opportunity. Instead, invite them to an upcoming party so that they can feel and experience the excitement and momentum of an actual direct sales party. When you're just starting out in any business, things can be intimidating. Let your prospects' first experience with direct sales be one of fun and enthusiasm. Don't overwhelm them. Get them excited and hungry for information and opportunity.

4. Make it easy to stay in touch. Make sure that you share business cards, social networking profile information, websites and any other information that makes it easy to reach you whenever and however works best for your potential prospect. Commit yourself to sharing your business and opportunity with 2 or 3 people at every event you attend and obtain email addresses or phone numbers so that you can easily follow up and motivate them to take action.

Find Business Leads At PTA

When you make it a point to always share for 10 seconds or less and end with a question, your PTA time will become business leads.  Learn more about the 10 second rule and grow your direct sales business at any event!

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