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The DSWA Way is being utilized by some of the world's biggest direct selling companies every day. Why? Because it works! Greater sales, more effective sponsoring and drastic improvements in retention.

The DSWA Way

As a DSWA Member, twice a month you will receive new, mobile-friendly, 15-minute Audio Trainings from CEO Nicki Keohohou or President Grace Keohohou on the DSWA Way. These Audio Trainings cover concepts, strategies and plans-of-action for topics ranging from Coaching to Leadership, Sponsoring, Retention and much more. Even better, you'll also receive instant access to the many Bonus Member Benefits described below! It really is a no-brainer.

More than that, it's a community of individuals who respect your choice to own a direct selling business. We understand your challenges and have the answers and guidance that will empower you to take your business to new heights.


  • "The old way of doing things in our business was based in telling people how to make sales, recruit and grow their volume. DSWA’s approach is to help people discover that the answers are already within them. It’s about choosing to be someone who helps others by shining a light on their dreams." Deborah J.
  • "I have to honestly say that was the best training I have ever taken in my thirteen year career history! This is making my job so much easier and now I enjoy calling my downline." Linda C.
  • "I've seldom seen an organization so dedicated to helping each other achieve so much. It is a real honor and privilege to be part of something so great and rewarding." Beth J.
  • "I love the DSWA and feel I 'hit the jackpot' ever since I took my first DSWA training! The DSWA has changed my business and my life." Bambi K.

Bonus Member Benefits

  • Extensive Resource Library

    Use your computer, tablet or phone to access our library of previously recorded audio training, teleclasses, and articles.
  • Group Discounts

    Members frequently take advantage of discounted pricing at OfficeMax, FedEx, and car rentals at Alamo, National, and Enterprise.
  • Group Discounts on Technology Services

    • 55% Off Deductr expense tracking apps.
    • 20% Off PointAcross personalized eMessages.
    • First month and setup fee waived at COA Network full-featured Voicemail service.
  • More Build It Big eBook

    New members will receive the best-selling More Build It Big eBook free!

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We invite you to become a part of The Alliance and receive immediate access to your Member Benefits. We offer Monthly, 1-Year and 2-Year recurring membership subscriptions. Save more when you select the 2-Year membership option!